Magic Sam

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Magic Sam: West Side Soul

Magic Sam (Sam Maghett, 1937-1969) is one of the most important bluesmen from Chicago. He was born near Grenada, a town in Mississippi. He departed for Chicago in the early 1950s where his passionate singing and energetic guitar playing soon captivated audiences in its clubs and festivals. His two albums (West Side Soul and Black Magic) are shining highlights of the Chicago Blues. He died of a heart attack far too young at the age of 32.


I have traveled regularly to the US for bluesfun (Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Chicago) but also for collecting information for a travel guidebook (Mississippi Blues & Civil Rights), published in 2020 in Dutch and in 2021 in English.

I am now collecting information about Magic Sam, as I am working on a book about him.

I have done all kinds of desk research, and now I am in the phase to ask questions to people who have known Sam.

If you have some information about him you want to share with me, please let me know! See my contact details in the header.



The family house of Sam near Grenada